Tours stays events Rugby League Team-Building Sessions

Rugby League Team-Building Sessions: exclusive!

Because we build the future together, strengthen the bonds between the members of your team through sharing a sporting event…
Hearten your company and discover the values of rugby such as teamwork, the taste for competition and effort, and fighting spirit.

Exemple d’une demi-journée type «100% rugby»

  • Initiating training session, 4 workshops specific to rugby league: holding the ball, passing, tackling, kicking.
  • A training session with the first team with commentary by the technical staff..
  • Coffee, convivial cocktail buffet, typical of the region, with the players and the staff

Personalised t-shirts for the event are supplied.
Optional: personalised shorts and socks.


Prices & conditions

From 89€ per person

  • This cost includes: the club house rental, the initiation training session, the training session with commentary the coffee break and cocktail buffet with the technical staff and the first team, the personalised t-shirt.
  • This cost does not include: additional personal expenses, rental of equipment for the meeting, cloakroom.

Practical information

  • For adults groups only, 25 participants at least, 49 participants max.
  • Available only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (these are the first team’s training days)
  • We can organise a programme lasting one or several days including catering, original meeting rooms (such as the clubhouse with a panoramic view of the field), and accommodation

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