Toulouse, a city famous for its red brick architecture, its fine food… and its aircraft. A world capital for aerospace, Toulouse has been a home to the flagship company Airbus ever since the company was created fifty years ago.

We invite you to come and visit these sites, where some 21,000 employees work each day, through two guided tours; the Airbus Discovery Tour and the A350 XWB Tour.

Let’s visit Airbus

Tariffs and conditions

• Adult tariff: €15.50
• Reduced tariff: €13
• Combined ticket Let’s Visit Airbus + Aeroscopia Museum: €24
Free for children under 6 years old.
• Special rates are available for all visits combining any Let’s Visit Airbus tour + the Aeroscopia aviation museum. The two must be combined on the same day for the special rate to apply.

The two must be combined on the same day for the special rate to apply.



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Given the current situation with COVID-19, we inform you that all AIRBUS visit are stopped from March 15th until further notice.

Our reservation team is available to answer your every question, demand for further reservation dates or cancellation.

Please note our team currently has to work with reduced staff and face an unprecedented number of demands.

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Prolong your aeronautical experience ! Combine your museum visit with tours of Airbus assembly lines

Book online your Airbus tour(s). For the museum supplement, please contact our reception directly. The combined rate will be applied to you.

Practical Information

Tours available for groups and individuals.
Prior booking required.

For groups:
Monday to Saturday by reservation Prior booking required

For individuals:
• During school holidays (all zones): tours with prior reservation required from Monday to Saturday. Outside school holidays, tours with prior reservation depending on availability (except Sundays).
You will be asked for proof of identity on the day of your visit: only valid passports or identity cards (for EU citizens) are accepted.
Please Note: Driving licences and residence permits are not accepted.

Nationals of Non EU : valid passport only
Non European Union citizens must book two full working days in advance of the tour (non-working days are Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).
Visits in French, English and Spanish are available, depending on our programme (German, Italian and Chinese depending on availability for groups only).
Cameras and video cameras and pets are strictly forbidden on the site.
A380 site: access to the observation platform is by lift only.
Duration: 1h30.
Open from Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays and public holidays.
Luggage lockers are available at the museum reception desk (free for individual visitors, charged with prior reservation for groups).

Know more

Airbus Discovery Tour

If you choose the Airbus Discovery Tour, you will learn the secrets of flight testing and relive the first flight of the Airbus A380 in a replica of a telemetry room. Fasten your seatbelt! You are now onboard a prototype for some of the most extreme tests. Then you will be taken to the assembly line. Although the components are manufactured on many different european sites, final assembly is carried out on the Airbus site in Toulouse. From an observation tower looking out over the assembly line, you will learn all about the innovative techniques and enjoy the panorama that covers almost all of the Toulouse site. Finally, you will board the latest generation of military transport aircraft: the Airbus A400M. With its spacious cargo bay, the A400M can airlift paratroopers, equipment or supplies to disaster areas, and benefits from the latest technical innovations.

Do you want to satisfy the curiosity of your children? This tour is adapted for young audiences with a version that is ideal for 6 to 12 year olds. Tours for children are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays during school holidays.

A350 XWB Tour

The A350 XWB Tour invites you to discover the Toulouse Airbus site, which covers more than 700 hectares neighbouring the infrastructure of Toulouse-Blagnac International airport. Set off on a tour of the runways! Learn about the major events of the 20th century that contributed to Airbus’ decision to set up the assembly lines and the company headquarters in Toulouse, and where the names of the aircraft families come from. Set foot on the largest industrial site in France, where aircraft designers, engineers, and logistic providers come together. See the test flight centre up close and discover how the Airbus range meets the requirements of the market for airliners with more than 100 seats. The bus tour will take you through the different assembly lines, allowing you to grasp the sheer scale of the Airbus site as well as the variety of activities that take place on it. Development, manufacturing, assembly, testing and delivery of the most advanced range of airliners in the world. The A350 has proved to be very popular with airline customers, but from an observation tower overlooking the assembly station you will discover what makes this aircraft unique How are Airbus aircraft produced? How are they painted? Whether you are an aerospace professional or a neophyte, this Airbus tour will offer something to satisfy your curiosity. And with a little luck, you may see the Airbus Super Transporter or Beluga – of which only five were built – in flight!


The Panoramic Tour

You have only ninety minutes to spare and you would like to enjoy a complete overview of Airbus? This is the tour for your group.

Board our bus. The Panoramic Tour starts at the Aeroscopia aviation museum, situated just four kilometres from Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport, and takes you through the Airbus sites of Toulouse, Colomiers and Blagnac. From the A320 to the A350 XWB via the A330, you will learn how Airbus has become one of the world leaders of the commercial aviation industry since the company’s creation, fifty years ago. You will discover how the innovative spirit of the European manufacturer revolutionised the way we fly. You will get to know the various families in the Airbus range: with a little practice, you should be able to recognise them all…

The Green Tour

For anyone concerned about globalisation and the future of our planet, the Green Tour showcases Airbus’ commitment to protecting the environment. Each Airbus aircraft benefits from the latest technology inorder to be as eco-efficient as possible. Discover how new materials, engines, aerodynamics and alternative fuels contribute to the reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions as well as the aircraft’s noise footprint. Learn how the buildings, the means of production and the supply chain allow the company to attain its goals of sustainable development. The Airbus Group, a leader in the space industry thanks to its Defence and Space division, also ensures our Blue Planet – and its climate – are kept under close surveillance.