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EDF, the leading producer and supplier of electricity in France invites you to discover electricity and nuclear power. How do we produce electricity? How does a nuclear power plant work?

Come and get the answers directly on site!



The history of the Bazacle is rich and of great importance for the city of Toulouse. This place combines history, industrial heritage and environment.

It is a run-of-river plant, meaning that it produces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an installed power of 3 Megawatts. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of 12,000 people! Today, it supplies the EDF network. Hydroelectricity, a renewable energy, represents on average 10% of the electricity production of the French energy mix. By participating in the guided tour, you will have the chance to enter the engine room and discover the century-old alternators still in operation!

From the Bazacle terrace, you will enjoy an exceptional view of the tumultuous Garonne, Toulouse's heritage, in particular the dome of La Grave and the Pont Neuf, but also of the fish pass! The fish pass is the particularity of the site. Born in the Pyrenees, the salmon travels between fresh water and salt water and begins a journey to return to reproduce in the river where it was born: the Garonne.

Arrived at Golfech, nuclear and hydraulic power station, it takes the fish lift to cross the dam 17 meters high. He continues to go up the Garonne and arrives in Toulouse, the fall of 4 meters in height of the Bazacle preventing him from crossing, our salmon then takes the fish pass. These are several successive basins allowing him to cross the fall, a bit like a staircase! Once in the Pyrenees, the salmon give birth to the next generation which will make the same journey as its parents.

As you will have understood, via the fish passes EDF is committed to promoting the ecological continuity of the Garonne. Follow us now in the Gallery of the eye of the Bazacle, this gallery dates from 1814. At the time, it was used to conduct water to the old turbines, today you can enjoy photo exhibitions. But above all you are now under the Garonne and you can observe the porthole of the fish pass. You may be lucky enough to observe fish! The salmon migration season runs from April to June.




Duration 45 minutes, by reservation*

On Saturdays and Sundays, at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., discover the Bazacle hydroelectric power station and unravel the mysteries of electricity in the company of a mediator.

The story of the mill that became a hydroelectric power station, the transformation of mechanical energy into electricity, and the biodiversity of the Garonne: a life-size experience in the heart of Bazacle!

  • 3 p.m.: Thematic guided tours “Heritage of the Bazacle / Old crafts of the Garonne / The Garonne through the seasons  (to find out the dates of visits for each theme, contact our mediators on 05 62 30 16 00 or at the Bazacle reception desk).


  • 4 p.m.: Classic guided tours of the “Le Bazacle Electrique” hydroelectric power station

For more information, contact the Bazacle mediation team:  mediation.bazacle[@]manatour.fr

* Free tours and events. Reservation required on 05 62 30 16 00, within the limit of available places  - Wearing closed shoes compulsory – departure at the reception. You will be asked for a health pass to enter the EDF Bazacle area.

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Visit Le Bazacle



Free guided tour every Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. Duration: 45 mins. Thematic tours on weekends at 3 p.m. Duration: 45 mins. Reservations are recommended, subject to availability.


Guided tours are by reservation required for groups, by telephone on 05 34 39 88 70 or by  email .  

The site is labeled tourism handicap.

Minors must be accompanied for the visit. The guided tours are in French, but it is possible to take a guided tour in English or Spanish, by reservation.

Entry into the engine room is authorized from the age of 6.

Animals are prohibited on the site.

Registration for workshops and events is mandatory with the reservation service by  E-mail  or telephone: 05 34 39 88 70.


In compliance with the government measures in force, wearing a mask is compulsory for all visitors over the age of 6 for the free and guided visit and for all the activities offered.

The health pass will be requested from visitors over 12 years old to enter the EDF Bazacle area.



Located on the banks of the Garonne, the Golfech Nuclear Electricity Production Center covers an area of approximately 220 hectares. The site includes two production units of 1,300 MW each and supplies between 15 and 20 billion kWh each year, or the equivalent of approximately 50% of the consumption of the Occitanie region.

As soon as you arrive on the site at the Main Access Post, the team of guides welcomes you to ensure the access formalities.

You then access the Discovery Area, a fun and interactive space dedicated to discovering electricity production, where you are presented with the plant and its operating principle.

Before leaving for your visit, you leave your personal belongings in a cloakroom then the team of guides equips you with a safety helmet and reminds you of the safety rules in force on nuclear sites.

You are ready to discover the impressive facilities!

After passing through the security gates, the guide leads you near the various buildings: reactor, engine room, cooling tower.

You then enter the heart of the engine room to meet Anne-Marie or Marie-Thérèse, the turbines that drive the alternator providing electricity at 20,000 volts! You will be impressed by the dimensions of the machines, the pipes that are tangled up for miles and by the incredible number of motors, taps and valves.

Outside you pass in front of the transformer which allows electricity to be evacuated on the network at 400,000 Volts.

The visit continues at the level of the condenser which cools the steam, no less than 127,000 tubes make it up! And to finish, a stop is essential at the foot of the highest air-cooling towers in Europe.

Free or guided tour of the exhibition organized around 6 themes to better understand the history of the electricity fairy, the energy issues, the different means of electricity production, the operation of a nuclear power plant, the Group's commitment EDF in favor of Sustainable Development and respect for the environment, using models and various multimedia tools.

During school holidays (zone C), the Espace Découverte offers a program of scientific and fun activities to discover in the following link.

Each year, the Espace Découverte presents a temporary exhibition around various themes. In 2020, the themes of robotics, new technologies and innovation are to be discovered in the INNOVA' Golfech Exhibition in "Expo" or "Escape Game" mode. 


Visit Golfech



The Espace Découverte is accessible to everyone on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and during school holidays (zone C) from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Installation visits are reserved for groups in a professional, associative or school setting by reservation .

The Electrical Industry Days allow the general public to visit the facilities: registration at edf.fr/JIE


Mandatory access conditions:

- Be 12 years old.

- Recent digital photo and photocopy of valid ID requested when booking / ID required on the day of the visit.

- Imperative deadline for registration of two months to carry out the access formalities.

- Wearing flat and closed shoes as well as long pants (shorts and skirts prohibited)

- Be in good physical condition for walking and standing.

Individual / Group Rates & Information

For everyone


The programming has been designed so that the groups do not cross paths.

Pets are prohibited during the tour.

Minors must be accompanied for the visit.

For more information on Le Bazacle: edf.bazacle@manatour.fr
For more information on the golfech site: visits.edf.golfech@manatour.fr

Meeting address

EDF Bazacle space
11 Quai St Pierre
31000 Toulouse

Golfech Nuclear Power Generation Center
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