Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to take pictures?

Photographs are allowed (and encouraged!) on most sites, except for the Airbus site. Please remember to tag “Manatour” if you upload them to social networks.
On the other hand, cameras and photography are strictly forbidden on the Airbus site.

Can I come with my pet(s)?

Animals and pets are strictly forbidden on all sites, with the sole exception of guide dogs.

Can I organise a private event at Aeroscopia?

It is quite possible to organise a private evening event in our special event area right next to the aircraft of our collection. For more information, please see the special events page.

Is there somewhere I can leave my luggage when I arrive at Aeroscopia?

We have luggage lockers for groups (subject to availability) for a tariff of 30 euros. Luggage is not allowed on the Airbus site for security reasons.

Is it possible to make an on-the-spot reservation for an Airbus tour?

You must reserve your tour in advance, whether it is for a group or for private individuals. For more information, see the Airbus page.

How long does an Airbus tour last?

Airbus tours last 1h30. For more information, see the Airbus page.

We have booked online, when do we receive our tickets?

Once you have finalised your online booking, you can print out your confirmation page. You will also receive confirmation of your reservation by email. Please print out this document and show it at reception on the day of the tour to get your tickets.

How long are Aeroscopia tickets valid for?

All tickets are valid for one year starting on the date of purchase.

I am not yet 18 years old, can I visit the Airbus site or the museum on my own?

Access to the Airbus sites and the museum is not allowed for minors who are not accompanied by an adult.

We are a group, do we have to book in advance?

Groups must book in advance. You can contact our reservation service by

How do I book a combined tour of Airbus and Aeroscopia?

To book an Airbus tour in combination with a visit of the museum, we suggest that you contact our reservation service:
The combined ticket must be purchased on the same day as one of the two tours.

How many visitors can there be in the same group?

For all sites except the Airbus site, a guide can take responsibility of a group of up to 25 persons. For Airbus tours, groups can consist of up to 49 visitors. If the number of visitors exceeds these limits, another group must be created. For more information, please contact our reservation service:

Does the museum schedule guided tours for individual visitors?

Yes, depending on the daily programme, which can be consulted at A guided tour costs an additional €3.50.

Can I modify the dates of an Airbus tour from an online reservation?

Unfortunately not. As stated in our terms and conditions, reservations can neither be exchanged or reimbursed. We advise you to choose your date and time carefully, as you won’t be able to change it once you have confirmed your order.

How do I leave a review of my visit?

At the end of your museum visit or your Airbus tour, you can fill in our customer satisfaction form on our “Guestviews” terminal situated in the museum reception area.

How do I organise a school group tour at the museum? What will be the role of our guide, and for how long does he take charge of the school group??

To organise a visit with a school group, you must contact our reservation service: reservation@manatour.frWe offer many different tours adapted to different ages.
A teacher will help you prepare for your visit to the museum:

Our school group will be coming by bus. Does the bus driver get in for free?

Yes, for each school group we give admittance to bus drivers for all tours.

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