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Links to other sites: in order to facilitate access to other sites that are susceptible to contain complementary information, Manatour has inserted a certain number of links into its website. However, Manatour cannot be held responsible for a third-party website that you access via our website Manatour has no way of controlling the content of these third-party websites. Manatour may in no case be held liable for the unavailability, the content, advertisements or other elements available on third-party websites. External sites may contain hypertext links connected to our site. Such a link may not be included without prior written notice from Manatour.

Jurisdictional provisions: this site and its contents were created in conformity with rules applicable in France. Information Technology and Freedom / Protection of Personal Data: In France and in the European Union, personal data is protected by the following legal texts: En France et dans l’Union Européenne, les données personnelles sont protégées notamment par les textes suivants : the Law of the 6th of January, 1978 article 226-13 of the Penal Code (France), and the European Directive of the 24th of October, 1995. You can find the full text of the Law relative to information technology, data and freedom on the website of the National Commission of Information Technology and Freedom, at the following address: Manatour agrees to respect the confidentiality of personal data retrieved during visits to the website You will find below the type of information that Manascopia is able to retrieve when you visit our website, as well as the manner in which it may be used at a later date.

Passive collection of personal data: some of the personal information recorded on our server is the information that you supply voluntarily when you fill in our online forms. Usage of data: Manatour will only used retrieved data to respond to requests from users of our site, satisfy the functionality of our messaging programmes and notify visitors of new products and features on the website if the visitor gave explicit permission for us to do so. Manatour will only use personal data for uses that were stated at the time that you provided it. The personal data that you may provide whilst using the website is reserved for strictly internal usage Personal data will never be used for commercial exploitation and will never be passed on to third party for commercial purposes or commercial development.

Access to personal data: In accordance with law n°78-17 of the 6th of January 1978 with regard to civil liberties, and the electronic storage and retrieval of information, on demand from your behalf and at any time, Manascopia will delete or rectify the data that you provided. You may access, modify, rectify or request the deletion by contacting Manatour by mail at Manatour – 6 rue Roger Béteille – 31700 BLAGNAC, Manatour reserves the right to modify the aforementioned operating rules at any time.

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