The second largest market in France after Rungis (Paris), the Toulouse National Wholesale Market (MIN) is the main point of entry for food and horticultural products into the Occitania region and is truly the belly of Toulouse.

Next date: Friday February 14 at 8:30 am

Tariffs and conditions

Adult tariff: 15 €
Minors and students: 13€
Free for children under 6 years old.


Practical Information

The duration of the visit is 2 hours in total (presentation in the hall, crossing of the buildings, tour of the site).

Early bird rewarded coffee / croissant offered!

Visits only available with prior reservation, for groups and individuals.
Wednesday and Friday, 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
Tours offered in French and English
For more information :

Phone no :

Starting point : 146, avenue des Etats-Unis 31 200 Toulouse

Know more

With a surface area of 18 hectares, 6 of which are covered, this location is reserved for professionals of the agro-food and horticultural sectors and it remains open 24/7.

It brings together both offer and demand so as to better manage supply, to reduce material costs, to clarify transactions and to secure and group the provisions of the surrounding towns.

Although the market originally specialised in fruit and vegetables, a meat market was added in 1970, followed by horticulture (flowers and nurseries) in the 1980s, then a fish market (fish and seafood) in 1994. The range of products has expanded over the last few years to include cheese, wine, delicatessen food and other local or organic produce. The Toulouse Wholesale Market has been open to the public for several years now, with groups consisting of visitors of all ages, from school children to professionals and senior citizens. This “hidden” market never stops and allows visitors to discover its inner workings, its rules, its trades, the jobs it creates, and its omnipresent quality and safety standards.

Two possible visiting times are on offer, depending on the profile and the availability of your group:

– 6 am for the early-birds: this will allow you to see the producer’s market square at opening time, when buyers are hunting for the best product at the best price.
– 8:30 am for those who can’t make it in time for the early-morning activity. You will be taken on the same tour in a quieter, less effervescent atmosphere.

The Programme :

Your guide will first of all take you to a conference room and introduce you to the Wholesale Market: its status and regulations, its history and geographic situation, its particularities, its management, staff, partners and professions, as well as its veterinary standards, checks and rules of traceability. This presentation will be followed by a film on the tide, an area which is not accessible, but which is also spectacular. – Crossing la chenille (or “caterpillar”) is a journey through stalls that are rich in colour and in fragrance.
La chenille is home to about thirty fruit and vegetable wholesalers. You guide will tell you all about their activity, how a square works, as well as the professions that are involved. You will be able to meet the wholesalers, allowing you to gain a more concrete vision of their activity and their produce.

Presentation of the Learning Centre for Catering Professions and presentation of the Thierry Marx School of Cooking.
This is a concept that was created by Thierry Marx: train members of catering professions quickly and free of charge, in order to allow them to find work. Whenever he is available, the school’s director will welcome you and show you around. Presentation of the MIN’s restaurants, where diners are welcomes every day with dishes prepared from fresh produce that comes directly from the market.
– Presentation of the producer’s market square: (in activity only during 6:30 am tours). France’s largest single producer’s market square, the producers arrive to display their goods starting at 4 am, in order to be ready for 6 am when the market is opened to professionals. Everything about its operations, professions and customers will be revealed.
– Presentation of the flowers and plants marketplace: a heated area that is home to local producers of flowers and/or plants, allowing florists and restaurants to make their purchases in the best possible conditions.
– Presentation of the flower and plant wholesale market hall where the wholesalers display their produce.
– A cash and carry dedicated to the sale of various design and decorative products.
– A stop at Sublim Aromes: a wholesaler and semi-wholesaler specialising in organic and local produce, as well as integrated farm produce (coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, beer).

Visitors may only make purchases here during the tour, as the wholesale market is otherwise exclusively for professionals. Purchases are also allowed at the Local Farmers Pavilion (Produits d’Occitanie) and, under certain conditions at the wholesale and producer flower stalls. The 6 am tour ends with breakfast (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pastries). For 8:30 am tours, breakfast can be taken before the visit of the fruit and vegetable market, or at the end of the tour (the group may choose).