Take a look behind the scenes of the Stadium and discover the Toulouse Football Club!

Breath in the history of football in Toulouse and visit the oldest and largest stadium in Occitania.

Next date: Tuesday February 11 at 2 p.m.

Tariffs and practical information


• Duration: 1h30
• 25 persons per guide max
• Tariff: €13 / person (minimum billing for 15 participants)
• Prior reservation at
• Proof of identity is required on the day of the tour.
• Some parts of the tour are not accessible to persons of reduced mobility (including the edge of the pitch).



• Duration: 1h30
• Tariffs: €13 / adult ; reduced: €10 (minors, students, job seekers, disabled persons, large families); free for children under 6 years old
• 25 persons per guide max
• Animals are not allowed.
• Prior online reservation is required (see below)
• Proof of identity is required on the day of the tour.
• Some parts of the tour are not accessible to persons of reduced mobility (including the edge of the pitch).
• Minors must be accompanied by adults.


• Duration: 1h
• 20 persons per guide max
• Tariff: €10 / person
• The tariff is identical for students and teachers
• Prior reservation at

Know more

The 2018 certification label “Ville Active et Sportive” has enabled Toulouse to confirm its dominant position as one off the best equipped cities in the country for sports. Yet, until the end of the 19th century, the local infrastructure was very basic. In the 1930s, an urban architect called Jean Montariol put pressure on the city to develop leisure activities for its inhabitants. At the same time, football enthusiasts were following the first ever Football World Cup in Uruguay. This sport blew through borders, crossed oceans and established itself as a truly popular activity, in the most noble sense, open to all generations. Throughout the decades, football became more professional, turning into an industry and in some cases even a religion.

We now kick-off for a 90 minute guided tour:

The meeting point is the entrance used by the players of Toulouse Football Club on match days. Look up and you will see the logo that was redesigned to celebrate the Club’s 80th anniversary, and to symbolise its strong connection with the city of Toulouse. Take a step back in time and discover the origins of football across the world’s civilisations, and also the beginnings of football in Europe and in France.

Also known as “the little Wembley” for its arena configuration, the Stadium demonstrates the evolution of the sport in Occitania and the will to set a stage for international events such as the World Cup in 1998 or the European Cup in 2016. Now follow your guide upstairs to appreciate the view of the video analysts and the emotion portrayed by commentators shouting “And it’s a…. goal!!!”

After using so much energy, you will access the VIP lounges where you will get the chance to try out the seat of the Club’s manager. Just a few more minutes of patience, we will soon get to the changing rooms… play smart… and don’t forget your football shoes and jerseys for memorable souvenir pictures taken in the footsteps of your favourite players! For now, it is time to concentrate… We make a short detour via the press conference room where the most enthusiastic visitors can try out their comedic talent in the role of the team coach.

The match will begin shortly… Can you hear the roar of the crowd? Let’s head for the field and prepare to feel the emotions of the players as they enter the pitch. We are here! Don’t forget to capture this moment, surrounded on all sides by the Stadium’s grandstands. Now take a moment to remember that on this very spot, Toulouse celebrated the arrival of the Tour de France in 1937, hosted some of the Toulouse Rugby Club’s greatest matches, as well as concerts by David Bowie in 1987, Michael Jackson in 1992, and more recently, Toulouse rappers Big Flo and Oli.

Once you have got over the emotion, make your way around the pitch to the partner’s terraces for a last all-round view from above the special events area, before hugging the practice pitches towards the training centre.