Who are we?


A tourist operator on renowned industrial sites for almost thirty years, the Manatour group acquired unique experience.

The group contribute its abilities at the service of businesses and communities, in all areas related to economic discovery tourism:
Business audit,
Opportunity and feasibility studies
Creation of tour circuits company (ergonomics, security, confidentiality, scenario / visit circuit …)
Creation and upgrading of thematic tourist circuits,
– Scenography, descriptive, museography, A Communication and promotion,
– Training / Popularization,
– Go-to-market / accompanying,
– Impact measures.

Our history

In 1990, Philippe Nau, communication specialist, and Jean-Pierre Mas, creator of the Voyages d’Oc agency, combined their skills to create Taxiway, in order to manage visits of Airbus factories in Toulouse, for the general public and professionals.Today, Taxiway, become Manatour group, presid by Pierre-Olivier Nau, is France’s number one in “economic discovery tourism”, and offers visits to the general public at major sites in the economic and industrial fabric of the Occitania and Parisian region.
Catalogue of visits covers fields as diverse as aeronautics, the press, wholesale food, energy, sport, wine tourism and water treatment.

Our vision

Today in France, nearly 5 000 businesses open their doors to the public, including 3000 regular basis. “Industrial, Scientific and Technical Tourism”, also known as “Economic Discovery Tourism”, is a business sector which is at the same time linked to tourism, spare time and economy.

A real tool for the identity of a territory and a vector for the development of scientific, technical and industrial culture, it is also a very effective means of communication for companies.

According to the Association of the Company Visit: “the company visit represents a form of tourism acclaimed by the public: cultural, participative and alternative tourism”.

The primary audiences are at the same time school group (primary to higher education), the general public (individuals and family), retired person (individuals or organized trip), work council, business travelers, local and national tourists and foreign tourists.

Come and meet us

Catalogs of visits offered by Manatour covers field as diverse as aeronautic (Airbus and Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport), press (La Dépêche du Midi Regional Newspaper), wholesale trade (The National Wholesale Market of Toulouse MIN Toulouse Occitanie ), Energy (SETMI, Toulouse energy recovery unit, EDF’s hydroelectric power stations in southwest France and Golfech and Blayais nuclear power plants), Wastewater (Veolia factories in Toulouse-Ginestous), construction industry (Construction site of Toulouse Exhibition & Convention Centre – MEETT), œnotourism (The Château l’Hospitalet Vineyard), Sports and shows (Toulouse Rugby Stadium, Stadium Toulouse Football Club, Paris La Defense Arena), Technology hub (« The Dunes » in Val-de-Fontenay).