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Sharing knowledge, creating links



Cultural, scientific and technical mediation is part of Manatour's DNA.

By opening industrial and cultural sites to the public, the group is committed to democratizing practices, transmitting knowledge, encouraging vocations, fully responding to its desire to show you “how it works”.

There is no culture without sharing, and when we welcome our visitors, whether they are a family, a class of college students or an association of seniors , we wonder about the experience they are about to live. . Cultural, scientific and technical mediation provide us with answers.

La médiation culturelle, scientifique et technique fait partie de l’ADN de Manatour.

En ouvrant des sites industriels et culturels au public, le groupe s’engage à démocratiser des pratiques, transmettre des savoirs, susciter des vocations, répondant pleinement à sa volonté de vous montrer « comment ça marche ».

Il n’y a pas de culture sans partage, et lorsque nous accueillons nos visiteurs, qu’ils soient une famille, une classe de collégiens ou une association de seniors, nous nous interrogeons sur l’expérience qu’ils s’apprêtent à vivre. La médiation culturelle, scientifique et technique nous apportent des réponses.


Opening the doors of a museum or a company means making knowledge of a heritage, an industry, one or more know-hows available to everyone. Our ambition is to meet the needs of each visitor so that their visit remains a moment of enriching discovery, imbued with knowledge, tinged with fun, and always a source of satisfaction.  

Families, school groups, individuals with disabilities… We make every effort to offer them a variety of visits in accordance with their desires, rhythms and needs.

The aeroscopia museum is labeled Tourism & Handicap for the 4 types of impairments: cognitive/psychological, auditory, motor and visual


​​​ On all of our sites, we are developing visits and workshops dedicated to schoolchildren, from kindergarten to high school, adapted to each cycle to transmit knowledge, arouse curiosity and perhaps encourage vocations...


In collaboration with the teaching staff, the Toulouse academy and in accordance with the educational guidelines, we study, test and validate specific themes to meet the needs of our youngest visitors.

Workshops, events and learning by “doing”

Construction of planes with salvaged objects, discovery course on bees and their link with aeronautics, birthdays, robotics club, 3D printing workshop... Surrounded by professionals, with the participation of expert partners and speakers, Manatour offers a set of activities to learn differently.

With Roselab, a shared manufacturing laboratory, the group has acquired a new mediation tool. Built-in  The city  in Toulouse, this fablab allows all those who wish to discover the world of manufacturing. It acts as a transmitter of know-how and knowledge between different backgrounds, offering a space for unique encounters between young entrepreneurs, employees and students. A new mediation, centered on the professions of today and tomorrow.

Ateliers, animations et apprentissage par « le faire »

Construction d’avions avec des objets de récupération, stage de découverte des abeilles et leur lien avec l’aéronautique, anniversaire, club de robotique, atelier d’impression 3D… Entouré de professionnels, avec la participation de partenaires et intervenants experts, Manatour propose un ensemble d’activités pour apprendre autrement.

Avec Roselab, laboratoire de fabrication partagée, le groupe se dote d’un nouvel outil de médiation. Intégré dans La Cité à Toulouse, ce fablab permet à toutes celles et ceux qui le souhaitent de découvrir le monde de la fabrication. Il se porte en tant que passeur de savoir-faire et de connaissance entre différents milieux, offrant un espace de rencontres uniques entre jeunes entrepreneurs, salariés et étudiants. Une médiation nouvelle, centrée sur les métiers d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

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