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Visit MIN Le Grand Marché

Second Min of France after Rungis, the Toulouse market of national interest is the main point of entry for agri-food and horticultural products from the Occitanie region and constitutes the belly of Toulouse.

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Guided tour MIN - Le Grand Marché: enter the "belly" of Toulouse!

On more than 18 hectares, 6 of which are built, this place is reserved for professionals in the agri-food and horticulture sectors and remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It brings together supply and demand at a single point in order to better manage supply, reduce material costs, clarify transactions and secure and consolidate the food supply of cities.

Two visit times are proposed to you according to the interest, the profile and the possibilities of each one:

6 am for early risers : you will have the chance to attend the opening of the “producer square”, when buyers are on the lookout for the best product at the best price.

8:30 a.m. for those who cannot take advantage of the morning activity for planning or timing reasons. You will do the same tour in calmer conditions and with less excitement.

Welcome to a real anthill!

The guide takes you first to the conference room to introduce you to the MIN: its statutes, regulations, the history of the Min Toulouse, its geographical location, its specificities, its management, its actors, its partners, its jobs, veterinary standards, controls, traceability. This presentation will be followed by a film on the tide, a sector not accessible, but which is also spectacular.

The crossing of the caterpillar , colorful, will make you travel and wander between the colorful and fragrant stalls: about thirty fruit and vegetable wholesalers are installed in this "Caterpillar". The guide presents the activity of the wholesalers, the functioning of a "box" as well as the trades. You will have the possibility of exchanging with one of them to have a more concrete vision of their activity and their products.


The discovery of exciting professions

The passage in front of the training center for food trades Thierry Marx's cooking school: Cooking Mode of employment(s): we present to you this concept set up by the famous chef to quickly and free train professionals in the catering trades and support them in finding employment.

Several spaces then open up to  you :

The producer tile : either in operation for the 6 a.m. visit, or activity finished for the 8:30 a.m. visit. First producer tile in France, the producers (from the Toulouse belt only) come to install their goods from 4am for an opening for sale to professionals from 6am. Operation, trades, buyers...

The flower and plant producer tile : heated space which welcomes local flower and/or plant producers in the best possible conditions for a presentation to buyers (florists, restaurateurs, etc.)

The flower and plant wholesalers' hall where wholesalers present their products.

A cash and carry dedicated to the sale of various decoration and design products.

Stop at Sublim Aromes: wholesalers and semi-wholesalers of organic products, local products, sustainable agriculture (coffee, chocolate, fruit juice, beer, etc.)


Visit the MIN


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15.00 €

13.00 €


* Minors, students. Free for children 6 and under.

Individual / Group Rates & Information

Reservation required for groups and individuals.

Visit on Wednesday and Friday at 6 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

Tours offered in French and English.

The tour ends with breakfast (coffee or tea/croissant) for the 6am tour. As for the 8:30 a.m. visit, breakfast can be chosen by the group before crossing the caterpillar (wholesalers) or in the middle or at the end of the visit.

For more information:

meeting address

MIN - The Great Market
146 avenue of the United States
31200 Toulouse



Useful information :

Report to the guard post/entrance E1  

  • Scan the QR CODE (sent by the reservation the day before the visit) to open the barrier (the reader is on the driver's side, just before the barrier)

For visitors by car:

  • Once the barrier is open, drive until  in the P2 car park (following the attached access map)

  • Once parked on P2, walk to reception A and wait for the guide.


For visitors by bus:


  • Once the barrier is open, drive to the Bus B car park and wait for the guide in the bus.

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