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Societe Generale - Fontenay-sous-Bois (94)

Discover the new Dunes technology park. Located in the business district of Val de Fontenay, about ten kilometers east of Paris, this complex houses the new premises of Société Générale.

A “new generation” universe

Immerse yourself in this new generation universe of Société Générale. A hyper-connected space at the forefront of innovation, this technology park brings the multinational into the technological and digital era.

Firstly, built to allow a rebalancing of the workforce of Société Générale, between the West and the East of Paris, this new complex has made it possible to bring out new methods and organizations of work. The "Dunes" are inspired by work organizations set up in the 2000s in Silicon Valley.


The implementation of the Flex Office for the majority of employees based in the Dunes, which consists of the elimination of nominative offices to make them available to the collective, is one of the major symbols of this reorganization.


In addition, the generalization of Open Space has made it possible to bring employees closer together and thus create synergies between the teams and the various projects. These new concepts and their concrete applications within the technology park will be revealed to you during the visit.


Innovative and inspiring spaces!

Thanks to these innovations, the Dunes have made it possible to instil a new way of working based on the empowerment of each employee. Well-being at work was a key element of the project since it reduced stress during working hours, which strengthened the team spirit between employees. The visit first allows you to discover the "Valley" which is the main artery of the Dunes. The "Valley" connects all the 5 buildings of the complex and is the most important place of life of the device. It is a succession of restaurants, cafes but also more or less informal spaces, such as a music kiosk or even a games room. The majority of employees meet in this space during the lunch break.

Then enter the office space. All in length, the offices have the advantage of being very bright because surrounded only by glazed surfaces. This optimizes sunlight and therefore saves energy. All of the desks are standardized, an internal mechanism makes it possible to modify the height of the desk, which offers employees the possibility of modulating their workspace as they wish. Located on the floors, among the offices, the meeting rooms vary in size and can accommodate between 2 and 24 employees. In addition, the space devoted to them is much larger and at the cutting edge of technology. These spaces have received special attention because they reflect these new ways of organizing work promoted by Société Générale, highlighting the collaborative approach within relations between employees.

Finally, you will discover the “ Plateau ” which is a start-up incubator. It simultaneously hosts about twenty start-ups for a variable period of about 6 months. Each start-up is selected by Société Générale thanks to a project that it must subsequently develop.

In general, this programme, inaugurated three years ago and housing 6,000 employees, has become a leading science park with international influence. He is one of the pioneers in Europe to have experimented with the new work organizations that were set up in the United States in the 2000s. These new ways of working have since had real success, whether in terms of well-being being at work as in terms of productivity and work optimization.

Due to the current health situation, visits are interrupted.


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13.00 €

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* Minors, students, seniors over 65, large families, job seekers, people with disabilities. Free for children 6 and under.

Online booking required for individuals and groups.

Pets are prohibited during the tour.

ID will be required on the day of the visit to check for any discounted rates. Minors must be accompanied for the visit.

Some parts of the tour are not accessible to people with reduced mobility. 

Absence of right of withdrawal: in accordance with article L 121-20-4 of the consumer code, the reservation of this visit is neither exchangeable nor cancellable

meeting address

The Dunes Campus of Societe Generale
31 avenue du Maréchal-de-Lattre-de-Tassigny
94120 Fontenay-sous-Bois

Metro: Line 1
RER A & E: "Val de Fontenay" stop
Bus: Lines 116, 118, 122 and 702

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